Types of Sod

Your choice of turf grass variety depends on the final use of the area to be sodded. Information on each variety's characteristics, recommended uses and maintenance requirements will help you select the turf grass variety most appropriate for your use.

All of our varieties are # 1 Kentucky Bluegrass Sod:

Peat Based Sod

  • Suited for residential applications.
  • Dark deep green in colour.
  • Each Peat based sod roll size is 2 ft by 6 ft (12 square ft or 1 1/3 square yards).
  • Each Peat based pallet of sod is 80 square yards.
  • Peat moss is organic material that is used to enrich soil.

Mineral Based Sod

  • Mineral based sod is for commercial applications.
  • Mineral based sod is suited for high traffic applications
  • Mineral based sod is heavier to install
  • Each Mineral based sod roll size is 2 ft by 4.5 ft (9 square ft or 1 square yard).
  • Each Mineral based pallet is 70 square yards.

In both Peat based and Mineral based sod your topsoil is important for moisture retention. The topsoil acts like a sponge during drought periods. Gusta Sod Farms recommends 3 to 4 inches of compacted topsoil for great moisture retention.

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