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The choice of sod depends on the specifications set forth by the contractor  or the people that are in charge of the bid opportunities. Information on  each variety‚Äôs characteristics, recommended uses and maintenance  requirements will help you select the proper sod variety most appropriate  for your use.  

Mineral Based Sod 

  • Mineral sod is for commercial applications.
  • Our mineral sod will meet or exceed specifications that are city,  provincial and federal regulated. 
  • Mineral sod is suited for high traffic applications. 
  • Mineral sod is heavier to install (upwards to 50 lbs per roll). 
  • Each Mineral sod roll size is 2 ft by 4.5 ft (9 square ft or 1 square  yard). 
  • Each Mineral pallet is 70 square yards and weighs upwards of 3500  lbs. 

In Mineral sod the topsoil is important for moisture retention. Topsoil acts  like a sponge during drought periods. Gusta Sod Farms recommends 3 to 4  inches of compacted topsoil for great moisture retention. 

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Gusta Sod's installation team laying sod at a commercial location