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Yard Preparation

In order to prep the site to be sodded, you will need to complete a couple of simple steps: 

  1. Prepare the area to be sodded by removing all  weeds. To do so, either use Roundup to kill all weeds, and/or work the soil 3 to 6 inches deep. This will  insure a weed free lawn for the years to come. 
  2. Remove all rocks, sticks and debris from site.
  3. Apply and level a 3 to 4 inch compacted layer of quality topsoil. 
  4. Roll and compact the area to be sodded using a light  roller. 
  5. You may have to re-level the area after it has been  rolled to remove any high areas. 
  6. Lightly rake the area to be sodded to do a final  leveling and to fill in any imperfections.